Ossetian refugees risk lives to bring and bury their dead

Over 30,000 refugees have crossed the border between South Ossetia and Russia in the last four days, seeking safety, but not all of them made it alive. Some South Ossetians risked their lives to bring the bodies of their

“They were shooting at us from airplanes, they were throwing bombs at us. Bullets were reaching us all the way down to the basement. When we wouldn't leave our basement, they started flooding us. They burnt roofs of our homes. Even fascists didn't do that. Shevarnadze attacked us, Gamsakhurdia attacked us, now Saakashvili attacks us… they can't live there and neither can we, why do they want that land back if no one can live there? Saakashvili says he doesn't want the people – he wants the land,” said a refugee from Tskhinvali.