Opposition leaders detained in Moscow while trying to rally

Fifty people have been arrested in Moscow at an unauthorized opposition rally. A prominent opposition activist was among the detained.

Around 100 people and the nearly the same number of journalists gathered in the center of Moscow. Police say permission wasn't granted for the rally because a military festival had already been arranged for the same place at the same time.

More than half of them are believed to belong to the pro-Kremlin youth movement 'The Young Russia' and were trying to stop the demonstration.

One of the leaders of the Other Russia opposition movement, Eduard Limonov, was one of those detained, and has vowed to file a court appeal against his arrest.

“I always file an appeal when I get arrested, and I always win in court,” Limonov said, speaking on the phone from the police department with the Interfax news agency.

Two more opposition leaders were among those detained: Defense opposition party leader Oleg Kozlovsky and opposition activist Marina Litvinovich.