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27 Feb, 2008 07:28

Oops! Hillary lashes out at 'Medvedveda, whatever'

Presidental candidate Hillary Clinton has failed to correctly pronounce the name of Russia's Deputy Prime Minister, and leading Presidential candidate, while trying to show her strength on foreign affairs. The gaffe over Dmitry Medvedev's name came during

Health care topped the bill, but at one point, the debate appeared to be all about Russia.

“I have no doubt that as the president of the United States, even though technically the meetings would be with the person labelled as president, the decisions will be made by Putin,” said Hillary Clinton.

Yet, when asked to name the favourite to follow Putin, Mrs Clinton struggled to answer and then appeared to say: Medvedveda, whatever'.

Barack Obama picked up the Russian theme.

“He is someone who was handpicked by Putin. And Putin has made it very clear he will continue to have the strongest hand in Russia when it comes to:the government,” he said.

But only two days after Russia's presidential election, the primaries in Ohio and Texas might decide who will be the Democratic nominee.

Many are already shifting their focus to the general election in November: the U.S. – based parody website The Onion has released a report stating, that “a minor software glitch at the Diebold corporation today caused thousands of electronic voting machines to accidentally release the results of the 2008 presidential election months before schedule.”

There is a hint of truth in every joke, as the old saying goes.

The Onion report itself is not designed to be predictive and certainly not serious. But it does address some real concerns that were not brought up in this presidential debate.