OK, I killed the guy – now gimme my pizza!

OK, I killed the guy – now gimme my pizza!
In an extraordinary case of plea bargaining, a defendant in New York has confessed to killing a man in exchange for a special dinner. Tremayne Durham, 33, owned up to murder to have a meal that included fried chicken and pizza.

Durham was sentenced on Wednesday for gunning down a man in Oregon in June 2006.

When the case started, Durham told the judge he would confess to the crime if he was given his favourite food. Seeing an opportunity to avoid a trial, the judge agreed to the demand.

The agreement meant Durham got the first part of the feast – KFC, Popeye's chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, carrot cake and ice cream -– before the confession.

Once he was sentenced, he got the rest of the meal – calzones, lasagne, pizza and more ice cream.

In another twist, Durham got married on the same day to Vanessa Davis, 48, also of New York City. The wedding, however, was not part of the bargain.

Prosecutors said the unusual plea agreement saved the expense of a trial and possible appeals.