OIl spill contaminates Sakhalin river

OIl spill contaminates Sakhalin river
An oil spill has occurred in Russia’s Sakhalin Region. An oil well sprung a leak, and has been contaminating the river Piltun over several days. The well has been shut down, but the spill has already covered an area of around 700 cubic metres.

As a result, a lake of hydrocarbon raw materials has formed. 

Currently the prosecutor’s office of the Okha region is investigating the case, as well as other similar cases which have recently occurred in the same area.

The head of Sakhalin's Environment Watch, Dmitry Lisitsin commented the incident, saying:

“The cause of the oil spill is most likely the fact that these oil wells are badly guarded. And some people use the opportunity for stealing the oil by easily pumping it right from the oil well As far as it’s not protected properly, anything can happen in the area.”