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6 Nov, 2011 00:23

London protesters march on Westminster

In London dozens of protesters inspired by the US Occupy demonstrations have been arrested as they marched through the city. The Occupy London Stock Exchange protesters promise the rallies will continue as the movement expands.

The OLSX protesters left their tented camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday as they decided to march on Westminster.Some 500 people, most of them highly energized young people, joined the 200 already camped out at St Paul’s. Protesters say that the bankers and the politicians have made such a mess of the country that now they [the protesters] should be allowed to take charge. The movement has been joined by some politicians and also by people from OWS, who came specially to take part in the London protest.“The issues that are being raised by the people demonstrating here today are issues that millions of people around the country care about,” says one of the protesters. “Issues like tax injustice. The fact that the poorest and most vulnerable are being forced to pay the highest price for a bankers’ crisis that they had nothing to do with.”“Most of us are getting ripped off by the powers that be in corporate America or corporate whatever it is, depending in which country we are in,” says another. “And very often it is corporate America even if we are not in the United States.”People say that the bankers and the politicians have to go. And they have been granted stays of execution for their tented camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral. Protesters will be allowed to stay until after Christmas, so more demonstrations of this type could be expected.“We are mobilizing now for a big strike on November 30,” said another activist. “I’m really hopeful that this movement is going to expand and eventually bring down the government.”