Norwegian coast guard patrol seizes Russian trawler

Norwegian coast guard patrol seizes Russian trawler
On Sunday Norwegian border guards captured the Russian fishing vessel "Izumrud" on charges of dumping fish in the waters near the Norwegian island of Spitzbergen, reports the TASS news agency.

Border guards claim they have video recording of the crew of the "Izumrud" getting dumping fish, which is a serious environmental crime.

The Russian trawler is being escorted to the port of Tromso in northern Norway, where the local police will conduct the investigation of the case.

In 2006 the same vessel was also arrested by Norwegian authorities on charges of belittling the amount of caught fish. Back then the vessel's captain paid a $115,000 fine.

The conflict between Russia and Norway in the waters of the Spitzbergen archipelago has been ongoing for four decades. In 1977 Russia announced that it would never recognize the 700-mile-wide zone that Norway had proclaimed its own unilaterally.