North Korean citizen found dead in Vladivostok

Regional police in Russia's Far East have reported a North Korean citizen has been found dead in a dormitory in Vladivostok. Police say the body appeared to have been beaten, but no official cause of death has been announced.

The officials report the death was through natural causes.

“According to our local department of Internal Affairs in the Primorsky region, the body of the dead North Korean citizen was delivered to the morgue on January 24 by his fellow-countrymen, who lived in the same dormitory. The deceased had no documents on him. Preliminary forensic tests suggest it was a natural death. At the moment the local Prosecutor's office is investigating the case. As for evidence of a beating allegedly found on the body, his friends and neighbours reported it was the result his falling down a staircase in the dormitory. No further information has been available so far,” announced Ekaterina Polyanskaya, Press-secretary for Vladivostok Department of Internal Affairs.

It is the second time a North Korean's been found dead in the city in recent months. The number of crimes against foreigners registered in Vladivostok's Primorie Region has increased sharply since 2005.