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9 Aug, 2010 10:04

Queen Noor: No exceptions – no nukes!

One of the top anti-nuclear activists – Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan – has given whole-hearted support to Presidents Medvedev and Obama in their effort to embrace the be-all and end-all nuclear arms reduction plan.

An eager Global Zero campaigner herself, Her Majesty has been praised worldwide for her role in Arab-Western relations, conflict prevention and nuclear disarmament.

In an effort to eliminate nuclear weapons globally, Queen Noor has been currently involved in promoting “Countdown to Zero” – a blockbuster documentary – aimed at raising awareness about the global threat of nuclear proliferation and terrorism.

“We founded Global Zero two and a half years ago with a set of objectives. President Obama and President Medvedev have given lives to the objectives that we set out. They seem genuinely committed to the elimination of nuclear weapons,” Queen Noor said in an exclusive interview with RT’s Valeria Paikova.

“The START commitment is absolutely critical to be supported by the US senate and by the Russian Duma, and we hope very much that both countries will move to the next stage which would be reductions down to a thousand weapons, at which time all other nuclear states should come onboard, freeze their stockpiles, commit to the elimination of nuclear weapons and to a regime that would provide the safeguarding of nuclear materials around the world, whether for civilian purposes or not. I thank President Medvedev with all my heart, and President Obama, for their partnership in advancing this. I know there are many other world leaders who share their commitment and want to work with them to see this objective realized,” she said.

Her Majesty Queen Noor also spoke about the situation in the Middle East and the role of the international community in the elimination of nuclear weapons.

“As you know, the Middle East is an incredibly unstable region. We have the highest per capita spending on arms and we have extremely high unemployment, illiteracy rates and other development indicators that are shameful, considering the resources in our region. It is a region in which we need no more weapons because they haven’t provided security; they have only increased insecurity for most states. The issue of nuclear weapons has been signed on to by all Arab states since the early 70s. Seeking a region free of weapons of mass destruction actually has been an objective of my husband’s [His Majesty King Hussein bin Talal of Jordan] and leaders in the region for a very long time. We have to bring Israel onboard; and by doing so I think we also would diminish the logic that the Iranians might use for developing a nuclear weapons program. It is the logic of Global Zero, which is that there are no exceptions, all state without nuclear weapons should not acquire them; all states with nuclear weapons should eliminate them. No exceptions!”