“Break-up of EU would be good for its member states” – British politician

Europe as a continent would be happier if the European Union broke up, says British politician Nigel Farage.

“If you look back through history, democracy was the most wonderful mechanism for stopping people tending to head towards violence. If you take the democracy away, then all you are left with is direct action and possibly violence,” says Farage, who is also a member of the European Parliament for Britain’s South-East. “I think, that Europe as a continent would be much happier, if the French were French, the Germans were Germans, the British were British, they had their own democracies, they ran their own economies – and we traded and cooperated together and tried to access good next-door neighbors. For me that’s a much better vision of Europe than this idea of centralized institutions.”

Nigel Farage adds that the collapse of the Euro would benefit the European countries’ economies – and the first great victory that the UK secured was in keeping the pound.