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22 Jul, 2007 05:38

New TV centre opens in Chechnya

A new television centre has opened in Chechnya. Local TV engineers are fulfilling a bold plan to cover the once war-torn republic with state-of-the-art digital broadcasting.

Just a few days ago, a new broadcasting centre opened near Grozny, Chechnya's capital.  The television technicians who built the facility are really proud of their work.

“Residents of remote areas of Chechnya love to watch programmes from Grozny. We broadcast a quality colour TV signal”, Sergey Eryomenko, TV engineer, assured.

For him, an ethnic Russian born and raised in Chechnya, building a new tower has been dream for years.

Chechnya is experiencing a deficit of locally made TV at the moment. Since the early 1990s Chechnya's infrastructure has suffered extensive damage from two armed conflicts. For militants who were fighting against the federal troops around Grozny, communication facilities were among the primary targets.

Thanks to the facility's advantageous position, we'll cover over 40% of Chechnya's population

Sergey Eryomenko, TV engineer

The construction of the new TV tower began in 2000. Now, it broadcasts to over 70 per cent of Chechnya's territory. But this is just a beginning. By the end of this year, the Grozny broadcasting centre is planning to test digital transmission. For people living in central Chechnya there'll be a chance to view up to 20 new TV channels.

The tower has been built on top of a large hill. During the Soviet times there were air defence facilities here, but as the vacation became vacant, it started serving peaceful purposes.

“Thanks to the facility's advantageous position, we'll cover over 40% of Chechnya's population,” Sergey Eryomenko said.

As the new means of distribution become available, providing quality content will become the main challenge.