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30 Aug, 2007 22:02

New metro station welcomed by Muscovites

It's hoped the opening of a new metro station in the heart of old Moscow will help relieve passenger congestion in the city centre. Trubnaya, on the light green line, was opened by Mayor Yury Luzhkov.

Finding a fast way around a city like Moscow can be a difficult task. Its roads are blocked with huge traffic jams almost all day long. So, it's no surprise the metro remains popular among Muscovites. And a new station that has opened just days before Moscow’s 860th birthday, seems to be a good present to the city residents. 

Trubnaya station is likely to contribute to the famous grand designs and opulence of the Moscow metro. It is decorated with murals depicting the towns of Russia's famous Golden Ring – a group of historic towns situated to the north and east of Moscow. 

The metro may be the best option for those unwilling to waste time in traffic, but it offers much less comfort than a car. During rush hour the number of people in the Moscow metro increases dramatically, forcing passengers into crowded tunnels and trains. To avoid this, many people prefer to use their cars.

With its legends and traditions, its unique architecture and decoration, the metro has become an inseparable part of Moscow's image.

Ploshchad Revolutsii station in central Moscow is one of the oldest in the city and is famous for its bronze statutes of dogs and soldiers.  They're said to bring luck. Some students go there before taking exams to touch the paws and nose of one of the dogs – a gesture that is believed to bring success.

Only time will tell whether the new station will also develop its own legends