“Neo-Fascism roots in ignorance”

One of the reasons why fascism is gaining popularity in Europe is because the young generation are not educated on the horrors of this ideology, believes international affairs analyst Aleksandr Selivanov.

­“Lots of young people have no idea of what fascism is all about,” he said.

“They see the romantic part of it; they see the mystical part of it. Some of them think it is cool, they see the symbols, but they do not see the horror beyond it.”

“There is no single vision of history in Europe. At schools everyone teaches what they want, but there is no streamlined thing,”

Selivanov added.According to the analyst, failures in immigration policies in Europe are also to blame for the current crisis.

“After the announcement of the fall of multiculturalism in Europe by France, Germany and Britain, the young people around Europe stopped believing in the ideas of the common Europe,” he said.

“Fascism is popular among the youth because it has got clear ideology. It has got a clear ideological message, whereas the political agenda lacks this kind of ideology,” Aleksandr Selivanov added.