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21 Aug, 2008 09:31

NATO out of touch on Ossetia - Russia

Russia’s envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, has been recalled to Moscow for consultations on 'every part' of the country's relations with the alliance. It follows Tuesday's meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels.

The western alliance accused Russia of ‘a disproportionate use of force' during the Georgia-instigated armed conflict in South Ossetia. And said there could be no ‘business as usual’ with Moscow.

The alliance also warned Moscow that future relations will depend on its pullout of troops from Georgia.

In an interview to RT, Dmitry Rogozin said NATO’s statements show that the European allies gave way to Washington.

“Even yesterday’s decision of the NATO Council at the level of foreign ministers was a tribute or a concession the Europeans made to the Americans,” Rogozin said.

“Nevertheless, they managed to prevent Washington from making the most odious statements. But it is quite obvious that their statements don’t match the realities existing outside NATO”, Rogozin added.

After Tuesday’s meeting some NATO officials said Russia would shut down cooperation with the alliance. On Thursday Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov responded to such statements saying that Russia needs mutual cooperation no less than NATO.

He also added that “NATO is far more dependent on Russia's support in its operation in Afghanistan, which is where the fate of the North-Atlantic Alliance is actually being decided. We are not going to slam the door on NATO. NATO could slam this door, though. Everything depends on NATO's priorities: if the priorities are absolutely supportive of Saakashvili's bankrupt regime to the detriment of partnership with Russia, then it is not our fault,” he said.