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NATO may have used uranium in Libya – ex-US congresswoman

NATO has declared its intent to again expand military operations in Libya, after Libyan government forces retook the port city of Zawiya from the rebels.

­Former US congresswoman and presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney told RT she went to Libya because she wanted to know the truth.

“I understood that what I was hearing from the US press was propaganda,” she said. “So I thought I would come here with a delegation of journalists from across the United States, including one journalist from South Africa, so that we could understand the truth and tell the truth to people.”

McKinney said NATO air strikes, quite unlike what NATO says, keep hitting non-military targets.

“Yesterday two auditoriums in a university, which was formally known as NASA University, were hit,” McKinney claimed. “I had an opportunity to speak with the dean of the political science department, and he was literally shaking with anger because of what had happened with his university.”

She also stated she had an opportunity to go to a hospital, and what she saw shocked her greatly.

“There were patients who had wounds that looked like they were caused by very specialized weapons, so the issue of what weapons are being used is of great importance,” she said. “I had a chance to speak to a person in the US who is a depleted uranium specialist. She told me that if there was a metallic taste, more than likely it means depleted uranium was used. I did a brief survey of those people who were near me, and the responses I got was that there was a metallic taste.”