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NATO wants Libya to become another Somalia - analyst

NATO forces have carried out over 2,000 air strikes on Libya and keep insisting they are all intended to protect civilians. But in fact they want this conflict to last, and there is no rush to end the war says analyst Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya.
­“Their objective is not to save civilians, it is to break up the country and to turn it into another Somalia, another Afghanistan, a failed state that they can take advantage of and manipulate, and take all resources,”  says Nazemroaya. “They are achieving their objective. And that’s to break up Libya and bomb it into state of chaos.” Nazemroaya calls Libya the financial backbone of Africa and that it has always been attractive for the West.  “What they do care about is the financial assets and resources of Libya which are still appropriate.  They have already set up oil cooperation in eastern Libya, based in Benghazi and a national bank based in Benghazi. They control this just as they control the national banking of Bosnia” says Nazemroaya.  “In fact the first step of this war was to take Libya’s money by freezing its billions of dollars of assets in North America and Europe. That was the first step in this war. That is how the war started – financially, when they stole Libya’s money.”