Naomi Campbell helps fight child cancer in Russia

The supermodel and socialite who turns heads wherever she goes is now in Moscow to help raise money to combat child cancer.

Naomi Campbell will take part in the charitable fashion show ‘Luxury village’ on March 8, proceeds from which will go to the ‘Grant Life’ foundation, which helps children with cancer and blood diseases.

“I recently learned about the Grant Life foundation,” she said. “I was very touched with the work that I saw. As someone, who has seen cancer firsthand, I know truly how devastating this disease can be.”

Naomi said that her stepmother died of cancer and that her mother is presently suffering from the disease.

The model said that in Russia over 5,000 children a year are diagnosed with leukemia and cancer, and only half of these children receive proper treatment and survive.

She calls on people to donate blood and help those who really need it.