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Putin’s name draws crowds to Moscow night club

A Moscow night club has sparked controversy by hosting a "Putin Party" without the prime minister's permission. Organizers say the theme was chosen by their female clients as part of this week’s International Women's Day celebrations.
­As RT found out, the Russian prime minister's name can really draw a crowd. However, according to Putin’s press attaché, Dmitry Peskov, using the prime minister’s name and image to promote a party in a private night club is inappropriate.“Mr. Prime Minister himself and all of us working with him, we are trying to be very careful not to let his name be used in an improper manner,” Peskov said. “He himself is favoring cases when his name is used for the promotion of a healthy way of living, for the promotion of, let’s say, aid to children, for promoting whatever is useful. But certainly, using his name for promoting a party in a private club, in my opinion, is inappropriate.”The club’s management said it knew that the idea might spark controversy, but chose to go through with the party anyway.“The theme of the party was an ideal man,” explained the club’s public relations director, Artem Shatrov. “The name of the prime minister was chosen by the public, surpassing the names of Che Guevara, Bruce Willis and David Beckham. This is not a commercial event.”