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30 Apr, 2008 10:53

Muslim country to legalise prostitution – and polygamy?!

Muslim country to legalise prostitution – and polygamy?!

Kyrgyzstan may become the first Muslim country to legalise prostitution – in order to raise money from the business which is prospering in the state. The initiative is supported by some MPs and government officials, but many citizens and religi

The supporters of the idea point at the fact that Kyrgyzstan isn’t a rich country at all, while nothing from the millions of dollars earned through the oldest profession gets it into the state budget. Moreover, sex workers have practically no rights now and often get fleeced by pimps or policemen and beaten by their clients. Some see legalisation of the business as a solution to the problem. Prostitutes can then start working legally and receive a state pension, medical care, the state’s protection and a tolerant attitude towards them in the society.

However, many of the country’s citizens, as well as human rights activists and religious organisations are against prostitution going legal. They say that in a Muslim country like Kyrgyzstan, where the principle religion is Islam, society is not ready for such a move and believers would be insulted.

The exact number of women – and men – engaged in the country’s sex industry is not known, but it is believed there are several thousands of them, according to NG.ru.

The initiative to legalise polygamy has been raised again alongside that of dealing with prostitution. Both ideas are supported by high-ranking officials such as the Minister of Justice and the head of the capital Bishkek’s City Court, neither of whom, according to official information, use professional sex services or are inclined to have more than one wife.