Murder of three senior official’s sons escalates tension in Palestine

The Fatah faction in the Palestinian parliament are calling for the dismissal of the Hamas-led government. It comes after three children of a senior official loyal to Fatah were killed in a drive-by shooting.

The car carrying three sons of a Palestinian intelligence officer loyal to president Mahmoud Abbas aged between 6 and 9 was showered with bullets as it passed through a street crowded with youngsters on their way to school.

Top Palestinian officials denounced the murder. “This is an ugly and inhumane crime perpetrated by a bunch of lowlifes. We condemn it vehemently, and we ask the Interior Minister to follow this case,” stated Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Just hours after the shooting black smoke covered the area as young Fatah activists protested by burning tyres. Later thousands of people poured into the streets in a funeral procession for the killed boys.