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28 Nov, 2008 11:43

Mumbai attacks could be linked to US

The terrorist attacks in Mumbai might have been provoked by the United States' actions in Pakistan, according to Russia's permanent NATO representative, Dmitry Rogozin.

“As a matter of fact the United States should ponder over this issue, maybe they provoked all this by their operations and the disproportionate use of force against Pakistan,” Rogozin said.

NATO has a large presence in Afghanistan, and recently the US has conducted several raids into Pakistan.

“As for not asking the permission of Pakistan and the Pakistani president, they deliver strikes killing civilians, already not on the territory of Afghanistan, but in Pakistan, where, as the U.S. assumes, Al Qaeda gunmen and Talibs are hiding,” he added.

There were reports from hostages released in Mumbai that the terrorists were specifically looking for Britons and Americans. According to one Italian national, a terrorist asked where he was from and the Italian replied 'Italy' to which the terrorist said 'fine' and let him go.

Rogozin warned of the fallout of US-Pakistani relations, which could end up threatenting Russia's security as well.

“To shatter Pakistan is a catastrophe for the whole region, it is a fiasco for the NATO operation in Afghanistan,” Rogozin said, adding “But the most important thing is that it is a problem for us and for our security, as this territory is just several hundred kilometres away from us.”

Rogozin has called for serious attention to be paid to the actions of the terrorists and particularly to their actions against foreigners.

RT's military expert Evgeny Khruschev says it is unlikely that the Pakistani government was involved in the recent attack in India. However, he says, it does reveal the lack of control the government has over militants operating in the country. 

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