Moscow urges India and Pakistan to show restraint

Following reports of a massive military build-up by Pakistan and India along their border, Moscow has urged both sides to show restraint.

The Russian Foreign Ministry says it's “extremely concerned” that the tension between the two countries has reached a “dangerous level”.

In an official statement the Foreign Ministry said: “There are disturbing reports that New Delhi and Islamabad do not rule out the possibility of using force against each other.”

“Russia calls on India and Pakistan to show maximum restraint and to prevent the use of force on the border. We are sure that holding talks on counteracting terrorism is the only way to settle disagreements between the two neighbouring countries after the terrorist acts in Mumbai.”

According to the ministry’s statement, the confrontation between New Delhi and Islamabad is of “real benefit to their common enemy – international terrorists – whose goal is to put India and Pakistan at loggerheads in order to destabilize the situation in South Asia”.

Moscow believes the escalation is particularly dangerous since both states have nuclear weapons.

Indian authorities say the militants involved were trained in Northern Pakistan, but Pakistan says there's no evidence linking the country to the attacks.