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2 Apr, 2010 10:50

One of the metro bombers identified – anti-terrorist committee

The national anti-terrorist committee has confirmed the identity of one of the suicide bombers involved in the Moscow Metro bombings on Monday. The woman is reported to have been 17-year-old Djennet Abdurakhmanova.

Abdurakhmanova (Abdulayeva), allegedly a widow of Umalat Magomedov – the leader of radical Islamists in the South Russian Republic of Dagestan who was killed in December last year – carried out the second attack at Park Kultury Metro station.

"As a result of forensic and genetic analysis, as well as visual identification, we have established that the explosive device on the Park Kultury metro station was set off by Djennet Abdulayeva born in 1992 in Dagestan. At the moment, investigations are being carried out to identify the second suicide bomber," Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the Investigations Committee stated.

According to Kommersant newspaper, the other bomber could be 20-year-old Markha Ustarkhanova, also a widow of a militant from Dagestan.

Sergey Smirnov, deputy director of the Federal Security Service, said those responsible for the attacks are already known to the authorities.

''The investigation is underway. We are trying to identify those who organised the terror attacks. There were several people arrested on suspicion of plotting the bombings, " Smirnov stated. "We now can say that investigation has resulted in something concrete. ''

Meanwhile, the Federal Operation Department at the National anti-terrorist committee has assured that “as a result of investigating a range of possible leads, [they] have identified individuals responsible for organizing and carrying out the attacks.

Two Moscow Metro stations were struck by suicide bombers on Monday morning. On Friday, the number of casualties from the attacks was 40 dead and over 90 wounded. It was the first major terrorist attack in the Russian capital in six years.