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11 Dec, 2006 06:56

Moscow is facing its warmest December ever

Moscow is facing its warmest December ever

The Russian capital is enjoying its warmest December in years, with no sign of the city’s traditional freezing weather. It means that many of the capital's residents, both human and animal, are carrying on as if autumn had never left.

The Russian capital is in the midst of its warmest December on record with  nearly 10 degrees Centigrade higher than average and the traditional white blanket of snow nowhere to be seen.

In the countryside just outside of the capital, even the local flora and fauna appear a little confused.

Flowers are blooming months before spring and the last leaves are still left on the trees.

Some Moscow residents who normally prefer a warmer place to spend the winter are sticking around a little longer this year. “I can’t remember there ever being weather like this in December.  I’ve never seen mushrooms in the forest at this time.  I’ve seen decorated Christmas trees in the city and they just look strange without the snow,” Moscow region resident Igor Lunkov says. 

For now, Moscow’s authorities are taking advantage of the warmth, planting new trees at a time when the weather would normally make it impossible.

Meanwhile, forecasters are predicting a return to normal temperatures in the near future meaning Muscovites can look forward to a traditional white Christmas.