Moscow hip-hoppers stage charity act

Armed with golden chains, baggy trousers and baseball caps, Russian hip-hoppers have held a massive fest at Moscow’s Tabula Rasa club to help one of their own.

A spinal bone fracture has left 16-year-old hip-hop artist Semyon paralysed and he needs expensive surgery to walk again.

The artists say it’s a rare opportunity for them to meet under one roof, raise some money, and also compare notes. The hip-hop community in Moscow is not yet as large and united as it could be.

“I think the main drawback is that there are few really charismatic artists. Most people involved just copy the lyrics and the rhythms of each other or foreign hip-hop artists. We lack our own distinctive artists!” believes Leo, a musician.

The Russian hip hoppers still don't have the multi-million dollar contracts and world fame of their American counterparts, but they're optimistic about the future.