More Russians flee violence in Gaza

Eight more Russian citizens have been evacuated from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, following an rise in violence in recent weeks.

Zura Khasani, one of the those who left recently, says it’s impossible to live there now: “People are being shot and killed on the streets. You could die any moment. That is why I asked the embassy to get me and my family out. The vast majority of our diplomats moved to Israel around a year ago,” she explained.

Overall, 129 Russian citizens – mostly women and children, as well as diplomats – have been forced to leave.

Gaza, which is part of the Palestinian Autonomy, has been wracked by conflict since Hamas took control of it June.  Members of the rival faction Fatah continue to be killed and imprisoned. In the past few days, Hamas militias has been roaming the streets of the territory, seizing and beating Fatah supporters.