Missing in Himalayas: a survivor and a body found after five days

Indian rescuers searching for three Russian tourists missing in the Himalayas have found one still alive and the body of another. Mikhail Shcheglov is in hospital after being discovered five kilometres above sea level.

Elizaveta Shcherbinina was found dead by rescuers, but the third, Mikhail Lyalin, is still missing.

A spokesman for the Russian Embassy in India, Vyacheslav Topchan, said bad weather has forced the authorities to stop the search.

“Earlier Indian military rescuers found Mikhail Shcheglov and the body of Elizaveta Shcherbinina. Unfortunately the third tourist Mikhail Lyalin has not been found. He is assumed dead.

The Russian Embassy has been keeping the situation under control. We've been co-operating with Indian authorities, including the military ever since we found out the tourists were missing.

Bad weather has been hampering rescue efforts. The Russian Embassy will push for the search for the third tourist to be resumed as soon as possible”.