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5 Jul, 2007 02:38

Mischa Barton stars in t.A.T.u movie

Notorious Russian pop duo t.A.T.u have inspired one of Russia's State Duma deputies Aleksey Mitrofanov to write a book named “t.A.T.u comeback”. A year later English director Roland Joffe started shooting a movie based on the novel.

The production casts the former soap star Mischa Barton and the filming process is starting here in Moscow.

The story is said to be a fictionalised version of events taken from the Mitrofanov book.

Moscow nightlife, music and Internet chatrooms bring two girls together in the middle of Moscow and that's where their adventures begin.

Producer Sergey Konov explains:

“Now we're shooting here in Kazansky railway station. The story is about two girls, an American and a Russian, and both of them are fond of t.A.T.u. They decided to leave their families and follow t.A.T.u adventures.”

The author says the book is more tragic and realistic than the movie, which is claimed to have a happy end.

“I understood that the script is quite a different product. This is a child of a director and he has his own view how to make movies and certainly he changed a lot the book but I obeyed. I understood that it was his movie not my movie,” Aleksey Mitrofanov said.

t.A.T.u. said the movie will be very scandalous, but also realistic. There will now be “love and roses”, as well as the drama and difficulties that come with relationships. Leading actress Misha Barton has her own view on the movie's morality.

“It's not happy or unhappy. I think it is realistic,” Mischa Barton stressed.

The producers are hoping to receive family guidance ratings from each country for the film. This will allow all fans, both young and old, to see the film. You can find out what happens to the girls at the end of this summer.