Minus 70 degree frost hits Yakutia

Temperatures in the Yakut settlement of Oimyakon in Russia’s Far East fell to a freezing minus 60 degrees centigrade on Sunday night.

The Oimyakon settlement is one of the cold poles of the Northern hemisphere. At he same time, thermometers in the second cold pole – the city of Verkhoyansk, 600 km away from Oimyakon – registered minus 55 degrees, according to the Yakut weather bureau.

The Federal Hydro Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring Service predicts temperatures as low as 70 degrees below zero in Oimyakon. The bitter cold will remain until the weekend when things are expected to “warm up” to minus 48 degrees at night and a daytime minus 41 over the New Year.

In Yakutsk yesterday, the temperature was minus 47 degrees, ITAR-TASS reported.