Lady of the push-up: Michelle Obama beats TV host hands down (VIDEO)

America’s first lady Michelle Obama has lived up to her reputation as one of the country’s most vigorous advocates of a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking with Ellen Degeneres at the Warner Bros. TV show, Michelle was initially quite modest about her sporting achievements.

But when the host – in her trademark humorous tone– suggested a small push-up competition, Michelle wasted no time in making up her mind.

The entire studio audience counted in unison while the two ladies got down to their exercises. Both seemed perfectly fit and energetic.

Ellen, 54, fell to the floor the first, having done about 20 push-ups. Michelle Obama, 48, kept going and finished at 25, though it was clear she could easily have done more.

The first lady was on a two-day trip to the Los Angeles area as part of her "Let's Move!" campaign to promote healthy food and fitness.