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2 Oct, 2008 07:25

Medvedev rules out new Cold War

There will be no new Cold War – the statement was made by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the St Petersburg Dialogue Forum in Russia. He said it is as impossible

Merkel and Medvedev are now discussing Russia’s initiative of a new legally binding treaty on collective security in Europe, which was put forward by President Medvedev in Berlin in June.

The idea of a new European collective security policy is largely a result of U.S. plans to base missile interceptors in Poland, which, according to Russia, will harm the balance of power in Europe.

The two leaders are also expected to exchange views on restoring peace and stability in South Ossetia. They will discuss the implementation of the Medvedev-Sarkozy plan agreed by the Russian and French presidents on August 12.

Other topics include Russia’s bilateral relationship with NATO and the European Union.

Russo-German forum

The forum is taking place for the eighth time and is held every other year. This time the discussion is called “Russia and Germany in the Globalising World” and focuses on pushing the concept of “partnership for modernisation”. It entails the intensification of cooperation in the economic, social and humanitarian spheres, as well as in science and technology and cross-border transport infrastructure.

Addressing the forum, President Medvedev said Russia will try to use the current global financial crisis to give impetus to its economy.

“We view the global economic problems and the recession in the world economy not only as a challenge but also as a chance to stir up our economic policy,” Medvedev said, adding that for this purpose beneficial conditions should be created for small and middle-size businesses and protection of property rights should be guaranteed.

Germany is the main foreign trade partner of Russia. The two countries act as leading partners in implementing large-scale pan-European scientific and technical projects. These include the construction of an x-ray laser in Hamburg on free electrons and the establishment of a European centre on investigating ions and anti-protons in Darmstadt.

Both Russia and Germany are interested in developing their partnership and priorities now include developing co-operation in healthcare and to work together towards efficient energy use.