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Media Mirror – Russia's press review

As it is holiday time in Russia, today’s press review focuses on weekly publications covering the articles on the past and future of Russia and the world.

MOSKOVSKIE NOVOSTI’s Chief Editor Vitaly Tretyakov writes: Born in a great nation you have to live through its great history. And great history makes for great suffering. The author says the Bolshevik revolution that happened ninety years ago was one of the greatest events in Russian history, no matter what some of us say or write about it today. The Revolution, writes Tretiakov, started a Civil War which, in a colder or hotter version, has been going on for the past ninety years and continues even today. A great utopia was put above a human being. That couldn’t have caused anything but war. Only by 2017 Russia has a chance to end it irrevocably, he says.

NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA’s weekly supplement reads: History Gave Russia a Chance. The authors say Russia needs a kind of democracy that would incorporate a multitude of specific social-economic factors. Now is the time, says the article. There is an unprecedented unity between the nation and its leader. That is a guarantee, continues the paper, of a successful administrative reform and of the birth of a new national idea.

In an interview to NOVAYA GAZETA Vladimir Lefevre, a former Soviet psychologist who emigrated to the U.S., writes a national idea cannot be deliberately created. It will emerge out of the depth of society, and it will do that all by itself.

VREMYA NOVOSTEY has published a series of articles on the development of the Internet and its influence on human society. It seems, writes the paper, Karl Marx was right: Capitalism is doomed. But its end will be brought about by the Internet, not the proletariat.

The author of the series believes the Internet is going to cause a world revolution: first all property-related operations, education and other real world activities will be duplicated on line. Then the Internet will give birth to another network, that of virtual personalities bearing the real names of their owners instead of nicknames.

According to the paper, after that nothing will be able to stop direct democracy. The Internet is a medium free of the bias typical in television and newspapers. They follow editorial policies formed by Capitalist owners. The Internet is also a better parliament than the representative type – because it is a parliament of all – a perfect tool for the direct expression of the people’s will.