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13 Mar, 2008 13:59

May 11: Serbs get chance to vote on Kosovo

Serbia will vote for a new parliament on May 11, in what’s shaping as the most crucial election since the fall of Slobodan Milosevic. The country’s approach to Kosovo’s independence is set to be the main issue, after Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica reve

Kostunica had proposed an early general election in the hope that a new government would be more united and efficient.

The last general election was held in January last year, handing victory to the Serbian radical party.

The government on Monday also called for Parliament to be dissolved. In the interim there will be a care-taken government.

The whole crisis evolves over the question of Kosovo’s declaration of independence and Serbia’s seeking to be a part of the EU.

Serbian President Boris Tadic has made the point that only if Serbia is a part of the EU will there be a better position to argue for Kosovo to remain a part of Serbia’s territory. But this was in direct contrast to the former PM Vojislav Kostunica, who has accused the Tadic camp of selling out the status of Kosovo and no longer been able to guarantee that Kosovo remains a part of the country Serbia.

Two main political camps are vying for votes. Boris Tadic and his Democratic Party are in one camp – they will be emphasizing the benefits of EU membership.They are keeping relatively lukewarm on the question of Kosovo.

But according to the latest poll 40% of voters are leaning towards nationalist radicals headed by Tomislav Nikolic. They will be pushing the Kosovo question, particularly the emotional poll that insists that Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia.