Mass food poisoning in northwestern Russia

119 people, most of them children, are thought to be suffering from food poisoning after visiting a summer camp in northwestern Russia. All of them remain in hospital, some seriously ill. According to the regional prosecutor's office, an investigation has

“On August 14, 2007, we registered mass sickness among children in a summer camp in the Novgorod region. The representatives of the local prosecutor's office and investigators have arrived at the site. The representatives of the prosecutor's office have established that there were 119 people in the camp, including employees. All of them were sent to the regional hospital with suspected food poisoning. Representatives of the law enforcement agencies are working at the site. Food samples from the last two days have been taken and sent for analysis. All 119 people have been hospitalised. 42 people are sick, 24 of whom are in a serious condition and 18 are in satisfactory condition with a tentative diagnosis of food poisoning. 77 people remain in hospital for medical examination. The local prosecutor's office has launched an investigation under the article of violation of sanitary norms,” commented senior assistant to regional prosecutor Irina Yakovleva.