Cashing his cheek: ex-SAS man sees bottom line in Saddam's ass

Baghdad : The head of a statue of Saddam Hussein's predecessor Ahmad Hassan al-Bakr, president from 1968 to 1979, flies to the ground after protesters beheaded the monument in Baghdad's al-Mansur district, 18 May 2003. (AFP Photo/Behrouz Mehri)
The 60 cm bronze buttock will go under the hammer on October 27. It’ll be the second influential hammer time in its history-the first being when former British special ops man Nigel Ely chipped it off to take home as a souvenir.

The butt is, of course, part of a bigger picture –or bigger statue, to be exact. The 12-meter tall statue of Saddam Hussein was erected in Baghdad for his 65th birthday. Mr Ely, a former special ops man turned journalist, was in the Iraqi capital to see the statue toppled by US marines. After requesting permission to grab a piece, he walked away with an asset he is now hoping will raise not only questions, but a nice sum of money as well.

Auctioneers in charge of the cheeky sale say it should raise a decent 5-figure amount. Refusing claims that such an auction is asinine, they claim it’s a part of modern history and as such would be fascinating to history buffs and art connoisseurs worldwide.

One question, however, remains unanswered: is it the right or left buttock of the executed dictator that will go on sale? All eyes will be on one piece of ass to answer that at the end of the month.