Libyan authorities jam RT's Arabic channel

Rusiya al-Yaum jammed in Libya
RT’s Arabic sister channel Rusiya al-Yaum, broadcasting in Libya via the Nilesat (AB4) satellite, is being jammed.

­According to RRsat Global Communications Network, a satellite TV provider, several attempts have been made to jam the Rusiya al-Yaum signal. The company says Libyan authorities are jamming the signal to deprive the people of Libya access to independent and unbiased coverage of events in the country and wider Middle East.

Rusiya al-Yaum, Russia’s first news channel in Arabic, was launched in May 2007. It is readily available via satellite in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. According to Nielsen research, Rusiya al-Yaum has an audience of over 5 million viewers in Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. The channel is available online at Rusiya al-Yaum’s best news stories and shows are also available on the channel’s YouTube stream.