Latvian Ambassador splashed with 'blood' in Moscow

The Latvian Ambassador to Russia, Andris Teikmanis, has been attacked by members of Russia’s National Bolshevik movement during a media briefing in Moscow on Wednesday. The ambassador later said the incident wouldn’t affect Russian-Latvian relations.

The assailants, a man and a woman, threw a substance which they claim was blood at him. Others say the liquid was just tomato juice.

During the incident they shouted “Hands off Russian schools!” and “Your hands are covered with blood!” while scattering propaganda leaflets.

They then chanted “Free Vadimir Abel,”one of the movement's leaders, who was extradited from Russia to Latvia in February to face charges of illegally keeping explosives.

Before the security took the young radicals away, they said they were protecting the rights of the Russian-speaking population of Latvia.