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23 Nov, 2011 19:39

­'Banksters make things worse to benefit from the chaos' - Keiser

Technocrat governments, like the ones in Italy and Greece, will not provide any solutions to the ongoing eurozone crisis, claims financial analyst Max Keiser. Instead, as Keiser told RT, they will only drag Europe into deeper recession.

"You have to understand, this is a systemic problem that requires a total re-architecting of the system and a total execution, in one way or another, of these banksters that are just predatory leeches; a cancer on the system", said the host of RT's Keiser Report. He also spoke at length about the future of the Euro and how dangerous a proposal for centralized economic control really is. Keiser compared the idea to a Ponzi scheme like Groupon. "Groupon was a known and notorious Ponzi scheme; they took it public for 18 billion, now its crashed through the IPO price, trading for many billions of dollars less", Keiser told RT. "But for a brief shining moment, it looked good – and that is exactly what they're trying to do in the Eurozone. They're trying to refloat trillions of debt and say its a brand new day and look great for about 20 minutes – but then we'll be back exactly where we started, which is massive debt deleveraging, sovereignty being lost amongst all these Eurozone countries and predatory IMF bankers on the loose. Rogue bankers looking to destabilize countries for a quick buck." Speaking of the Euro and its future, the outspoken financial analyst said simply that it "was supposed to restore peace and harmony in the Eurozone – but they're breaking down, country by country, and this can't end good".