Judges under unprecedented threat – Moscow city court chairman

Criminal pressure upon judges is growing, claimed the chairman of the Moscow City Court on Tuesday.

During a press conference, the City Court’s chairman, Olga Yegorova, complained that judges’ work is getting more and more dangerous, and called for the launch of a special federal program to protect judges.

13 judges have asked for protection recently, and one was murdered, and that is only in Moscow, Yegorova recalled. “I did not think our profession could be that dangerous!” she exclaimed. Yegorova also revealed she has received threats herself.

“I have been working in the judicial system for almost 40 years, and it’s been never as bad as this year,” she added. Judges who asked for protection were processing different cases, Yegorova said, so there is no special pattern except for generally unprecedented rate of criminal pressure.

The Moscow City Court chairman called for the launch of a special federal program that would protect judges on a professional level, and it has to be done “the faster the better and safer for judicial system.”