Journalist's murder: no criminal case against Chechen police officials

Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has denied that a criminal case was launched against Chechen police officials in connection to Anna Politkovskaya murder investigation.

Ms Politkovskaya, a controversial journalist with Novaya Gazeta, was killed in Central Moscow on October 7th last year.

Earlier, the executive director of the Committee To Protect Journalists, Joel Simon, quoted a statement allegedly made at a meeting with foreign journalists at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow.

However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs vehemently denies anything of the kind being said.

Boris Malakhov, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Russia Today that “the statement the executive director of the American Committee To Protect Journalists made today at the press-conference in Moscow does not correspond to reality. What was actually said at the meeting was that killing of Anna Politkovskaya is under investigation by Russia's Prosecutor General office. Different versions are considered including the one connected to the professional activities of the journalist.”