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9 Oct, 2006 07:53

Journalist's murder: an outpouring of sorrow

Journalist's murder: an outpouring of sorrow

Novaya Gazeta, the newspaper that murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya worked for, dedicated Monday's issue to her writings. The front page is covered by Politkovskaya's obituary, calling her a fearless journalist and promising that her murderers would

Inside pages contain dozens of excerpts from her articles, written in 2006. The paper also published the text of Politkovskaya's last radio broadcast, for Radio Liberty, on October 5. Letters have been published which were sent to the newspaper after the journalist was killed, including one written by survivors of the Moscow theatre siege in October 2003, a tragedy the journalist wrote about extensively.

It is not just Russian people who have been stunned by the murder. There has been reaction from around the globe, with journalists and politicians calling for a thorough investigation of the crime. International politicians and journalists condemned the killing. U.S. President George Bush said many U.S. citizens were shocked. Politkovskaya was a fearless and much-respected journalist both in Russia and the U.S., his statement said, calling on Russia to conduct a vigorous and thorough investigation. The State Department urged the Russian government to find, prosecute and bring to justice all those responsible.

In a similar statement, the European Union called on Russia to lead a thorough investigation into the murder. French Foreign Minister Philippe Doust -Blazy called the killing “a terrible crime,” adding that European bodies such as the Council of Europe and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe should help find the truth. The Union of Journalists of Finland called the murder “a strike against journalism” and more than 1,000 rallied outside the Russian embassy in Helsinki. Finland's MPs and NGO representatives asked for a detailed investigation into the murder, while in central Moscow, many prominent Russian media personalities attended a rally to commemorate the victim.

Chechen Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov expressed his shock, stressing that a thorough and effective investigation was needed.