I believe I can fly: Jetman soars over Rio (VIDEO)

Swiss pilot and inventor Yves Rossy, known as Jetman, has performed another breathtaking flight. This time he spread his wings over Rio de Janeiro.

­Jetman`s outfit is comprised of 2.5-meter carbon-fiber wings with four jet engines attached to them. The system is strapped to Rossy’s back and he navigates by moving his arms, legs and head.

With this flying device, Jetman can reach speed up to 300 kilometers per hour.

The pilot, however, cannot take off by himself. To become airborne, Jetman uses a plane, helicopter or air-balloon.

Landing is another tricky business: Rossy needs a parachute to get back to Earth.

Rio de Janeiro is not the first place to witness a Jetman flight. Prior to this Rossy has flown over the English Channel, the Grand Canyon and the Swiss Alps.