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9 Aug, 2007 07:26

Jason Bourne is back

One of the most popular action heroes comes back to cinema screens across the world. The adventures of Jason Bourne continue in a new film “The Bourne Ultimatum”.

The latest spy-thriller of the popular Bourne trilogy, featuring Hollywood star Matt Damon, has been released, with the lead actor's appearance at the Australian premiere.

This fictional character of Jason Bourne first appeared as the hero of a series of novels, and then was adapted for television and cinema.

For many people, Bourne is probably best recognizable as the popular actor Matt Damon, who played this role in previous box-office hits: “The Bourne Identity” and “The Bourne Supremacy”.

At the Australian premiere, Mr Damon admitted that the success of the film was surprising.

“It's really great. We didn't even think after the first movie that there would be a second one. And particularly when we were making the first movie it seemed like there was such a little chance that we would actually even get the opportunity to make another one. So to be on the third movie and have it doing so well, it's great,”  Matt Damon confesses.

The latest sequel begins immediately following the car chase near the end of the previous movie, with a wounded Jason Bourne evading Moscow police. And now he is hunted by the people who've made him what he is, with the action-packed scenes taking place all over the world.

Probably the main secret of this smart James Bond-like character is that he can escape any trap.

Jason Bourne is so charming and attractive because his mission is not about saving the world, but has a much more personal touch.

“I think for one thing he's really smart. And audiences, when it comes to action movies, they like to see a character who does really smart things to get out of situations. Ultimately, I think that he's got a lot of integrity. He obviously has a dark past, but he is trying to redeem himself and atone for the things he's done and take responsibility for his actions,” clarified Mr Damon.

And while the third – and the final – installment of the successful Bourne series is already breaking box-office records in the United States, more of its premieres around the world, not forgetting Russia, are expected later this month.