IWC Conference urges lifting whaling restrictions

IWC Conference urges lifting whaling restrictions
The International Whaling Commission has issued a summary statement on the last day of its session in Japan, accusing anti-whaling nations of imperialism for imposing limits on hunting.

Moreover, Japan threatened to withdraw from the IWC unless it is reformed. 

The meeting was aimed at overturning the ban on whaling that has been in force since 1986. Pro-hunting countries argue some species are now abundant enough to allow limited hunting. 

However, the conference was boycotted by anti-whaling nations.  

Environmental activists around the world have been protesting against any return to whaling. Greenpeace volunteers in Russia gathered outside the Japanese embassy on Valentine’s Day to show their love towards the nation but not its policies. 

Japan resumed whaling under a scientific research programme soon after the ban was imposed, killing over 9 hundred each year. Nevertheless, the meat from that programme is later sold as food.