Starry-eyed on return to Earth

His adventures may have made him 35 million dollars poorer, but that means nothing to the world's first space clown.

Billionaire Guy Laliberte and his two fellow crew members have been talking to reporters for the first time since they returned from the International Space Station.

The crew members said that they aren’t feeling bad, but they aren’t feeling good either. It will take at least a month for them to get used to being on Earth, since their bodies and muscles must readjust to gravity again.

Russian cosmonaut and commander of the 19th mission to the ISS, Gennady Padolka and NASA’s astronaut, Michael Barret, already spent six months in orbit.

The first space clown, Guy Laliberte was also amongst those returning to Earth. According to him, the journey was worth every penny of the huge sum of money he spent on it.

However, for the famous showman, the trip was more than just a holiday. During his stay on the ISS, Laliberte hosted a world-wide show, bringing attention to the problem of fresh water shortages.