Israeli parents forget daughter at airport

Israeli parents forget daughter at airport
It sounds like an Israeli remake of Home Alone. A family rushed through Israel's largest airport on the busiest day of the year to catch a flight to Paris for their holidays. With four children already in tow they had their hands too full to notice that a

Ben-Gurion Airport police found the four-year-old girl wandering among the bustling crowds on her own, and calmed her down so she could tell them her name. When they checked it against the flight manifestos, they discovered that the flight with her parents and four siblings on board was already in the air.

Incredibly, the girl's parents only realised that they had left their daughter at their airport when a flight attendant quizzed them about the missing passenger.

The four-year-old flew to Paris accompanied by a stewardess later that evening and was re-united with her family.

The forgetful parents will face questioning, and possibly charges of negligence when they return to Israel.