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29 Mar, 2012 06:43

‘Israel should give up nukes along with Iran’

The US is moving towards global zero under which Israel will give up nukes, because there’s no future for a crowded nuclear region. That’s what Richard R. Burt, American disarmament expert told RT.

Not only Russia but the US is locked in a bilateral bipolar cold war mentality and therefore both have had trouble adjusting to a new multi-polar world and dealing with a new range of threats. However today the major problem with nuclear weapons isn’t that the US is going to attack Russia or vice versa. The major threat is the spread of nuclear weapons in particular in unstable countries "for example, Pakistan". “The anti-missile issue is not a big issue in the US, the Iran issue certainly is … There's a threat that if Iran acquires nuclear weapons, other countries in the region like Turkey or Egypt might also acquire nuclear weapons,” Richard R. Burt America's chief negotiator for the first START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) treaty, which was signed in 1991, told RT.  The expert says no one is claiming that Iran has a nuclear weapon, but the question is "how close" is it to producing one. According to him the best option for the US is moving to global zero which means Israel wouldn't have nuclear weapons either.“I happen to think that a nuclear weapons free zone which would include both Israel and Iran where neither country would have nuclear weapons would be much better than the current situation.”