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Better prison than IDF: Israeli objector puts military in predicament

Military service is compulsory in Israel, but the occupation of the West Bank is forcing many young citizens to question the need to join the IDF, with some choosing to go to prison instead.

RT’s Paula Slier looked into the fate of Israel’s most famous conscientious objector, Natan Blanc, who already broke the country’s record for the number of times being re-arrested and tried.

He was released earlier this month after serving almost half a year in jail for refusing to pick up a gun and join the army.

Natan was supposed to be inducted into the army in November, he went there and refused to serve. Then he was sentenced to ten days and since then each time he is released from prison he goes back and again refuses to serve,” David Blanc, objector’s father, said.

The IDF tried to use Blanc as a warning to others, who consider following in his footsteps. But his refusal to serve put the army in a delicate position.

By releasing him they risk setting a precedent, but keeping the 20-year-old locked up also threatens to turn his private protest into a public relations debacle over the occupation of Palestine.

Watch Paula Slier’s report to learn more about Natan Blanc’s struggle.