Arabs seek to challenge Israel’s nuclear program at energy summit

A row over Israel's nuclear activities is expected to dominate this year's general conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which has opened in Vienna.

Arab countries have proposed a resolution on Israel's nuclear program, though the US and EU member states are not backing it, saying it could undermine Middle East peace talks.

Paul Ingram, the executive director of the British American Security Information Council, says with Israel’s substantial nuclear arsenal, there is no doubt that the country is pursuing a double standard.

The Israelis and the Americans point to the fact that the Iranians have made a very public commitment to the Non-Proliferation Treaty – not to acquire nuclear weapons – whereas Israel is legally able to develop its arsenal,” Ingram said. “But the legal defense and the defense that Israel developed its weapons a while ago is hardly a defense in terms of justice.”

Meanwhile, Israel has called the resolution proposed by the Arab nations an attempt to draw away attention from the threat of nuclear expansion in countries such as Iran and Syria.