Is Afghanistan war just starting?

The war in Afghanistan is only just beginning – that's the belief of the Afghanistan NGO Security Office, a group which provides security for dozens of charity and relief organisations in the country.

According to its report for 2007, NATO forces are entering a widening and deepening conflict, and are far from pursuing remnants of defeated Taliban.

It adds that Taliban insurgents have carried out more attacks last year, and the best case scenario for this year is more of the same.

Russia Today's military analyst Evgeny Khrushchev gives us his insight on the report.

“What the report is saying is that it is a mission creap, or if to put it in a civilian language you might call it operation frustration for Afghanistan. What they are saying is that while the NATO is squabbling between themselves, and the major difference is of course between the American attitude and the European attitude how to resolve this issue on the ground of Afghanistan, meantime Taliban and Al-Qaeda have completely reconstituted themselves in Pakistan,” said Evgeny Khrushchev.